Bucket list

1.Go sky diving.

2.Work at a zoo.

3.Go to Dawin.

4.Go to the snow.

5.Stay up all night.

6.Be a famors singer.

7.Be a Marine Biologist.

8.Be a farmer.

9.Be a vet.

10. Learn how to ride a motor bike.

11.Have a tug boat.

12.Be a profetional netball player.

13.Have a plane.

14.Go to Africa.

15.Be a teacher.

16.Learn how to play foot ball.

17.Be a artist.

18.Learn how to drive.

19.Go to high school.

20.Write a book.


The Bad Guys

Hello my name is Amy and my favourite book is the Bad Guys. These are the characters we have mister Wolf ,Snack ,Shark , Legs and a Sardine just choking he is a piranha! ps mister Wolf licks to dress up as un old lady. Don’t you think that is  crazy actully  you mite not find that crazy oh well I’ll just keep on going so weav also got Agent Fox and Evil Dr Rupert Marmalade and I am not jocking no really I’m not jocking he is acturly Evilllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll hhhhhhhhh lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll hhhhhhhh sorry I had to catch my breathe it’s hard to do so

I think you get the pont that he is Evil.p.s he is so evil p.p.s he is soooooooooooooo evil and Luke last Granny Gumbo and she is so wierd and crazy and I really don’t want spoel it for you shuold read.

Sports Day

On sports day all the  activity were lots of  fun and one of the activity was Whole school hoop relay.Where  each team gets a hoop and you need to hold hands and get the hoop from one side of the line to the other side with your hands still holding together.Another really enjoyable game was hurdles and I came first yay me. But if you don’t no how to play I will tell you but if you do you can just skip it.

So you will ned to run and jump  over the hurdles without knocking it over so that is how you do hurdles.The last one I am going to do one more activity and it is long jump in long jump theres some sand and you need to to run up and land in the sand and need to see how far you jump so that is long jump and that is the last one so by.

Nude Food

I think we should have Nude Food because it saves the animals, water, and nature. It also saves me from needing to take off the wrappers and having a dirty lunch box. If I take any wrappers to school I will break this post.

If we don’t have Nude Food lots, and lots of animals will die and nature will do the same, and water will get polluted. Without these things the world and people will start to die and all that will be left is astronauts and the universe..

Then when the astronauts run out of food they will die and the last thing left will be the universe! Dun Dun DUNN!! I added that in for a dramatic Scene and this brings me to the end of my post.




Interview a friend

Interview a friend-Isabel

1.What’s your favourite song?

‘No’ by Megan Trainer.


2.What’s your favourite activity?

Basketball and musicallfarter.


3 Have you had any achievments? if so, what are they?

I won a singing award and  a class trophy.


4.Who do you think is the best teacher?

Ms Crecitelli


5.what is your favourite thing to do at school

Basketball and science


6.who’s your worst enemys? 

Lilly, who used to go to this school

five focus words

This term our five focus words for 2017 are Justice, Love, Respect, Gratitude and Excellence.  I will be telling you what they mean to me;

JUSTICE, means being fair and caring for all people.

LOVE, means caring for all people. You can show love by taking care of people and helping them.

EXCELLENCE, our school chose excellence because we have very caring students.

GRATITUDE means to do grateful things and to be grateful for things you do and have.

RESPECT, means not to be rude to people and show respect to others and the environment.

My Favourite and Least Favourite Places in the School

My favourite place in the school is the playground it is my favourite place because there are more than one interactive pieces of equipment. And you can get more play than any other thing in the school. In the school if it is a sunny or rainy day you will not  get hot or wet because it has a shade cloth.


My least favourite place in the school is the first aid room. It is my least favourite place because I’m always at the first aid room it annoys me so much because I always get hurt and go up there. My goal for this term is to not go to the first aid room!And so far I haven’t been to the first aid room. So far so good.

So those are my favourite, and my least favourite places in the school.